Marinace Architects

K-12 and Higher Education

In addition to providing our clients with creative, inspiring, community spaces, our school designs reflect our commitment to durability, efficiency, and practicality. Our buildings look as good twenty years after they re finished as the day they open. This is critical for owners who typically have many competing demands on limited budgets. Because of this track record, and the exceptional service we provide our clients after a project is complete, we have many long-standing, multi-project relationships with our clients - some spanning decades.

Complete Project List

Keene NH School District, 2012

Keene Middle School

New SAU building

Marlborough Elementary School, 2011

Marlborough, New Hampshire

Pinkerton Academy, 2011

Derry, New Hampshire

          Freshman Academy Building

          New Track & Athletic Fields

Amherst Schools, 2009

Amherst, NH

          Amherst Middle School

          Wilkins Elementary School

          Clark Elementary School

Londonderry South Elementary School, 2008

Londonderry, New Hampshire

Additions & Renovations

Newport Middle/High School, 2008

Newport, NH

Jaffrey Rindge Middle School & Conant High School Addition & Renovation, 2008

Jaffrey, New Hampshire

Addition & Renovation and New Track & Field Facility

Epping Middle / High School Addition, 2007

Epping, New Hampshire

Bedford Middle/High School, 2007

Bedford, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Community Technical College Addition, 2007

Manchester, New Hampshire

Goffstown Kindergarten 2006

Goffstown, New Hampshire

Londonderry North School Addition & Renovation, 2006

Londonderry,New Hampshire

Heron Pond Elementary School Addition, 2006

Milford,New Hampshire

Winnacunnet High School, 2006

Hampton, New Hampshire

Barka Elementary School, 2005

Derry, New Hampshire

Hood Middle School Additions & Renovations, 2005

Derry, New Hampshire

Merrimack Middle School, 2004

Merrimack, New Hampshire

Kensington Elementary School Addition & Renovations, 2004

Kensington, New Hampshire

Londonderry, High School Additions & Renovations, 2003

Londonderry, New Hampshire

Winnisquam Regional High and Middle School Additions, 2003

Tilton, New Hampshire

Brett Elementary School Additions, 2003

Tamworth, New Hampshire

Pinkerton Academy Arts and Humanities Center, 2002

Derry, New Hampshire

Hills Garrison Elementary School

Memorial Middle School Additions and Renovations, 2002

Hudson, New Hampshire

Freedom Elementary School Addition, 2002

Freedom, New Hampshire

Moose Hill School (Londonderry Kindergarten Building), 2001

Londonderry , New Hampshire


Heron Pond Elementary School, 2001

Milford, New Hampshire


Madison Elementary School Addition, 2001

Madison, New Hampshire


Rochester Kindergarten Additions, 2000

Rochester, New Hampshire

Derry Elementary School Addition, 2000

Derry, New Hampshire


Windham Schools Addition, 2000

Windham, New Hampshire


Parkside Middle Schools Addition, 1999

Manchester, New Hampshire


Belmont High School, 1998

Belmont, New Hampshire

Exeter Region Cooperative Middle School, 1998

Stratham, New Hampshire

McLaughlin Middle School, 1998

Manchester, New Hampshire


Londonderry Schools Additions & Renovations, 2000

Londonderry, New Hampshire

          North and South Schools Additions

          High School Addition & Renovation

          Junior High School Addition & Renovation

Gilmanton Elementary School Additions & Renovations, 1997

Gilmanton, New Hampshire


Pinkerton Academy Science Facility, 1996

Derry, New Hampshire

Timberlane Regional Middle School Additions, 1996

Plaistow, New Hampshire

West Running Brook Middle School, 1995

Derry, New Hampshire

Greenland Central School Additions & Renovations, 1995

Greenland, New Hampshire


Shaker Regional High School Renovations, 1995

Belmont/Canterbury, New Hampshire

Bethlehem Elementary School Addition & Renovation, 1993

Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Elm Street Junior High School Renovation, 1992

Nashua, New Hampshire

Whitefield Elementary School, 1992

Bethlehem, New Hampshire

North Elementary School Additions, 1992

Londonderry, New Hampshire

Rochester Vocational Center, 1991

Rochester, New Hampshire


Spaulding High School Gymnasium, 1991

Rochester, New Hampshire

Hood Junior High School Renovations, 1991

Derry, New Hampshire

Bedford Elementary Schools Additions, 1990

Bedford, New Hampshire

Newfound Regional High School, 1989

Bristol, New Hampshire

Hillsboro High School, 1988

Hillsboro, New Hampshire

Raymond High School, 1988

Raymond, New Hampshire


Merrimack Valley Middle School, 1988

Penacook, New Hampshire


Litchfield Middle School, 1988

Lichfield, New Hampshire


Hampstead Elementary School Addition, 1988

Hampstead, New Hampshire

Gonic Elementary School Addition, 1988

Gonic, New Hampshire

Manchester Elementary School, 1987

Manchester, New Hampshire

Grinnell Elementary School Addition, 1987

Derry, New Hampshire


Kearsarge Regional Elementary Schools, 1987

New London , New Hampshire

East Derry Elementary School, 1986

Derry, New Hampshire

Matthew Thornton Elementary School Additions, 1986

Londonderry, New Hampshire


Wolfeboro Regional Vocation Center, 1983

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Freedom Elementary School, 1983

Freedom, New Hampshire

Londonderry Junior High School, 1982

Londonderry, New Hampshire

Moultonboro Junior / Senior High School, 1981

Moultonboro, New Hampshire

Franklin High School Addition and Renovations, 1981

Franklin, New Hampshire


Sanborn Regional Middle School, 1978

Newton, New Hampshire