Marinace Architects


The original Mascoma VRHS was built in 1962, and had seen very few changes since then. Our charge was to completely renovate the existing 60,000 s.f. building, rework the entire site to improve vehicular circulation and increase parking dramatically, and to add a 43,000 s.f. addition which would house a 500-seat auditorium, library, art and music suites, new lobby, and general office area.

Since the school is perched on top of a 40' high knoll which slopes steeply down to the flood plain in all directions, our addition had to follow the slope. We turned this challenge into an opportunity, and designed the auditorium stepped seating to follow the existing grades, which resulted in much less blasting of ledge, and a more economical project. The resulting design completely wraps the front of the existing building, and gives the school a much-needed prominent public entry.

Mechanical, plumbing, electrical, data, and security systems throughout the existing building have been modernized, and a new secure front entry has been created. The new auditorium will feature fully-electric stage scenery rigging, stepped, curved seating aisles, a lighting catwalk, and state-of-the-art dimming, audio, voice amplification, projection and CCTV systems.

Project Information

School Design Capacity: 600 students in grades 9-12

Renovation: 60,000 s.f.

Addition: 46,000 s.f.

General Construction Cost: $17,300,000

Total Project Cost: $21,500,000

Project Completion: September 2016